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What We Do

Queen City Sorbet's mission is to reduce farm waste and undernutrition with dignity by transforming Colorado's agricultural surplus into premium sorbet.

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How We Do It

Beyond Sorbet

Queen City Sorbet leverages its community and farm partnerships to secure produce that otherwise would have been transported to the landfill or tilled back into the soil. We transform that produce into premium whole-fruit sorbet that is good for us and our communities.


Our Measurable Impacts

Farmers Matter, Food Matters, Health Matters, Dignity
Matters, Climate Matters

New money for Colorado farmers

Traditionally farmers are not compensated for their irregular produce. We solve this problem by creating a market for Colorado farmers to sell that imperfect produce at a fair rate. Our farm partners receive compensation for EVERYTHING they grow, because we value their produce equally regardless of imperfections.

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Less produce transported to the landfill or tilled into the soil

Every year an estimated 20 BILLION pounds of produce is left unharvested and unsold on the farm due to cosmetic imperfections that do not meet market standards. Often farmers make the difficult choice of tilling produce back into the soil or sending it to a landfill. Produce transported to the landfill contributes to significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions, while re-tilling produce soil dilutes the soil of valuable nutrients. This abundance of produce is a financial burden on farmers and our environment. By transforming this produce into sorbet, we improve the well-being of Colorado farmers and our environment.

A reduction of CO2 emissions from farm waste in Colorado

By reducing the amount of produce transferred to the landfill, we reduce the methane emissions that contribute to climate change. We quantify the amount of produce we rescue, which informs the estimated of greenhouse gases we have reduced in Colorado.

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